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As a professional website designer, my job is to solve my client’s issues and problems. I’m not selling you a website; we’re helping our clients achieve a specific and tangible goal. To attract the right clients, more clients and convert visitors into clients.

I only build custom SEO content & images websites; most sites average 6-8 weeks from start to finish.  I focus on Websites not Advertising!  Agencies want your advertising dollars-not us!  We do focus on Digital to help our clients get more leads, customers, and business.  Digital and websites go hand in hand and should follow your advertising.  Don’t worry about keeping all your advertising, marketing, and website design together; I use two different agencies that handle all the traditional advertising.

Professional Website Design

Our 7-Phase Website Process

Why SEO 

Our Seven-Phase Professional Website Process

Our Goal is to convert visitors into customers; the number of visitors that visit your site, in reality, means nothing if they don’t convert to a customer.

Phase #1 Analysis

-Website Purpose

-Website Goals

-Website Target Audience

Phase #2 Planning

-Site Map

-Web Structure

-Technologies Used

Phase #3 Design

-Wire Frame Models

-Visual Style


Phase #4 Content

-The Correct Text “Copywriting”

-Photos, Images & Video

-SEO Copy

Phase #5 Development

-Building The Site (6-8 Weeks)

Phase #6 Testing

-Technical Testing “codes &       scripts.”

-Compatibility with Browsers

-Does The Site Fulfill Its Purpose

Phase #7 Deployment Launching

We Monitor Your Site For Three Weeks After Launch, To Make Sure Everything Is Running Correct.

Hire Expert Developers

Your companies website is your first impression to the world!  Built wrong will cost you thousands of dollars, built right and kept updated will make you thousands, grow your business and convert visitors into customers.

Your site is the area of real estate your company owns on the net, where you tell potential customers, clients, and patients about your products and services.  However, building a pretty website isn’t enough. You need to make sure your site is optimized so that it generates a constant flow of visitors, leads, and customers in turn that converts to new business.

I only create websites that are responsive.  Being a responsive design is the method of designing web pages that automatically appear in their optimized form on all devices.  52% of users stated that if your site is not mobile friendly (Optimizing for Mobile), they will not engage with your company.  Using two fingers to make the content bigger so you can read the content is NOT responsive and optimized. We have to convert visitors into customers; it is so important to understand that! 

Too Many Bad Website Developers

Transparency is how I created my company and openness is how I will work with you.  I will be honest with you from day one, never receiving a bill that you don’t understand entirely and one that you were not expecting.   Like a lot of new industries, the website design business is full of fly-by-night operators, looking to make a quick buck and move on, leaving you with an old looking nonworking website.  I have been a business owner for many years, and I get very disappointed with those people who prey on businesses just looking to make a buck and to forget about them.  When I work with a client in actuality, I become a silent partner, never leaving your side even after your site has launched.


We will be your company’s Digital Marketing Partner.  Specializing in all Digital & Social Marketing.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that’s usually used to describe online marketing tactics that exist to connect your company with its audience digitally.  From your site to your branding assets, digital advertising & email marketing, these are all digital marketing strategies and assets that can exist self-sufficiently of each other.

Facebook is an outstanding platform to advertise your products or services; Facebook ads are 3X’S less expensive than Television, Radio and Print Ads.  Google has over 3.5 Billion searches every day, and Email is the number one communication channel.  91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis.  For every dollar spent on email marketing (done right), generates $38 in ROI.

The old days of carpeting bombing your potential customers for advertising is over. The agencies, TV and Radio sales will never tell you that, Why? The agencies “most of them either to much work or don’t know how to do it, the TV and Radio salespeople are selling it directly, so they understand the importance of digital.

The average individual spends a minimum of five hours per day online.  This fact is why your company needs a digital marketing strategy.  I hate to say this. However, I have been in the TV business for most of my career Streaming and DVR is taking over the market worldwide.

We’re helping business owners fill a desperate need.  We offer our clients, full-service digital marketing and design, please see our pricing page for our full menu of items we provide your company.

If you want to grow your company faster and smarter you need an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to contact Coffee Time Design today.

Keys To Success

“Understanding Your Potential Customers”

My passion is to sit down with your company to help you analyze your current site to see what it would take to get your website right and deliver everything you want and need, making sure it converts visitors to customers and is SEO written.  In some cases that might mean a new website, and we can discuss that option. In other cases, it might just be helping to add pieces to your site to make it more user-friendly, setting up content that is SEO wrote, and monthly maintenance with us taking care of your site, so it stays fresh and up-to-date.  So many sites are filled with old information and errors, would you do business with a company that has old outdated information on their website.

You would be surprised to see the number of poorly designed non-optimized, non-mobile friendly websites we see every day in many cases that would be the equivalent of throwing construction barriers in front of your front door.  If your site is just a few years old, that’s too old!  When was the last time someone did maintenance or added new images, videos or copy to your site?  If you don’t know that’s too long the correct answer is Weekly.


Great copywriting explains to the users why they should click or take action.  The first part of all copywriting is knowing your audience; I mean your audience!  It’s not 25+ Males; we’re talking about who your audience is. If you don’t know who your audience is, you cannot write great copy that will reach your target audience.   No matter what the copy is for, website, advertising, or digital.  The next move is to create a great header, text, and video and split different test versions of the same ad.  We also have to test different strategies, offers, messaging and even text length.

We always use Copywriting Best Practices.  Email copy with a CTA is what people/clients need to see otherwise why would they click on the email?  You don’t.  When you click on the image of your CTA, it has to lead to a landing page where you the business can capture all the visitor’s information, and the visitor can receive the discount or something special, whatever your message is. 

Website Design

At the core of our business is a great design. As the internet evolves, so too does the look, feel, and technical aspects of your website. We stay on top of the trends while focusing on a classic presence that suits the needs of our clients.   Our sites not only look great but produce fantastic results. Fully optimized, User-friendly, flexible and powerful, converting visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing- There’s nothing else like it.  The old way to find clients was, door-to-door, direct mail, yellow pages, flyers, billboards, TV, and Radio, with the old form it’s complicated, time-consuming, not measurable and super expensive.  The new way of marketing is to create social media ads then target potential customers by identifying buying signals and continuously optimize your ads for the highest possible conversion.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is all around us, in a myriad of forms, both on screen and print. It’s always made up of images and words to achieve a communication goal.  We will generate your ideas to make it your vision.  From digital, print, outdoor or newspaper we will create your plans for your companies branding.

Cups of Coffee

Satisfied Clients

Projects Finished


I thoroughly enjoy building amazing responsive websites for our clients, that turns visitors into customers.  However, we have found that 98% of our clients do not want or have the ability to write exceptional content or SEO content.  That’s why we will take your content and re-write the content to make it SEO friendly.  Coffee Time Design’s Five-Star content is no extra charge. All websites come with the 5-Star SEO content created by copywriters. We will employ current on-page SEO guidelines when writing and where applicable.

Our maintenance package is a must-have for every site we build, with a monthly investment of $250 you will receive the best maintenance package available.  Click on maintenance plan tab above to see what all is included.


Owner / Coffee Time Design / Web Design / Social Media Consultant / Digital

I have been in the Marketing and the advertising business for most of my career from Television/Cable in Iowa, Cable in New Mexico and Radio in Arizona. I am proud to own website development and digital marketing in West Des Moines, Ia.

I have worked with so many great customers and partners. Building SEO Professional Websites, creating second to creative design products and handling their digital marketing and production for there website. 

What Clients Say About Us!

New Mexico
Coffee Time Design handles our Casino’s Marketing and Production.  It has been a blessing in disguise!  We had used several different companies in the past; we were not happy with any of them.  As marketing director of a casino, I approve all the TV and Radio buys along with signing off on all the digital and production before it runs.

After hiring Coffee Time Design (then Reboot) we have had minimal issues, they offered the casino superior products and service.  We listened to them and had a year-long animated commercial campaign.  That was our highest grossing most significant year we ever had at the Casino.

Des Moines

Coffee Time Design handles our long-form videos for the units at the Mercy Hospital, after planning with the doctor’s their production crew arrives for several days and captured all the footage we need, they create great educational videos for the patients, to watch at home or in the units.   Everyone loves to work with Coffee Time Design from RN’s to Doctors; they take their time and are very professional.

Des Moines
I’ve known Michael Denison for many years, actually worked with him for a few.  I’ve watched him build his company, and it has been fun to see.  He suggested that we take my movie review radio program up a notch by adding a website to house all of the current and recent reviews.  He built a beautiful site that has been very well received by the community.

We are getting over 4000 unique visitors per month.  Coffee Time Design did a fantastic job on the website (mrmoviereviews.com) and Ideas2burn.com and continued daily/weekly and monthly to keep it up-to-date and fresh at a very affordable cost. Coffee Time Design handles all my Digital Marketing and has outstanding customer service skill to us and our clients.

Current and Past Clients

Our Maintenance and Security Plan

The web is evolving; it’s essential that your site is consistently maintained on a weekly basis. Websites require frequent updates, security checks, performance optimization, and routine troubleshooting. So, if you have invested in a site, you need to keep it updated, protect your investment and keep all content and images up-to-date.  After we build your site, we strongly suggest that you buy our Service and Maintenance program.

An Investment of $250.00 per month to have your site always looking its best and you will have Piece of Mind.  Just look at your own website, is there old outdated content, employees no longer with you, out dated images, coupons or special events.  It’s your face to potential customers what are they thinking about your company?


You have a business to manage, and it takes a lot of your time and effort to keep your site running smoothly, secure and updated. By hiring Coffee Time Design to handle the Maintenance and Security of your website, it will take away all the frustrations that come with trying to keep the site up and current.  Normally our hourly rate is $150.00 an hour, however our monthly maintenance plan is only $250.00 per month based on an annual contract


Most website exploits take advantage of out-dated themes and plugins. By keeping everything up to date and by implementing a few extra security measures, we can get rid of the risk of your website being compromised.  We make sure you site is secure 24/7/364 and we use securty measures on the backside so NO-ONE breaks in.


If your website is running slow, it can potentially hurt your bottom line, reduce your search engine rankings and even lose customers/visitors. Outdated or unsupported plugins can play a significant role in hindering your website’s performance, along with bad web hosting, oversized images, and bad content.  We make sure every image is optimized, plenty of space on the hosting side so it runs fast the server is importain, free cheap hosting can hurt your site more than you can imagine.

Updates & Optimization

We keep your site updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and fast.  WordPress, theme monitored & updated – site cleared and optimized when need – plugins monitored and updated unlimited per month


Monthly Reports

We send you a monthly report of your page views, site traffic and more.  Monthly google analytics report of page views – site traffic details – training on viewing and understanding your analytics in more detail

Protection & Security

Your site is scanned daily and has a firewall which is a security net protecting it. Website firewall protection – daily scanning – hackers & spam denied – reports on what’s been blocked keeping all the black hats away from your site.

Backups & Restore Points

Your site is backed up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time.  Weekly website backups on & off-site backup locations – weekly points for quick restores if needed

Let Coffee Time Design Take Care of Maintenance & Security

1) Five hours-per-month for new content (you supply) we will make your content SEO optimized and place it on the location of your choice

2) Up to ten new images and five new videos added (you supply) each month.  We will make sure the images and videos are SEO ready and optimized

3) Website updates unlimited, as many times as the site needs to be updated. Could be ten times per week, if you don’t update you could have security issues.

4) Hosting, we only use the best hosting companies available.  All are private servers

5) Optimization / Security / Backups / Reports


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